Ahoy from Katja

The Holden/Alvin family is on their way out to see the world. They are sailing away in their amazing boat “Katja”. Will they ever become real sea gypsies? Or will they run back home to safety after hitting the first big wave?

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The date was set. Our journey will start on the 1st of July 2018. A whole year away from work and school just to be underway. Our children will be attending our own home made school aboard the boat


We found our boat Katja, and sailed her up from Munkeby in Sweden.

Autumn, winter and spring 2018

Whenever we had free time we would work with outfitting the boat with all the necessary gear, and ourselves with knowledge and vaccines.

Summer 2018

The 10th of July we left the dock and sailed out the Oslo fjord. Will we cross the vast oceans? Follow us and find out…
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Our plan is to circumnavigate the Atlantic: North Sea – Caledonian canal – Irish sea – Bay of Biscay – Canary Islands – Cape Verde – Caribbean islands – Azores – Norway.